What is Advocacy?

Macro level advocacy movements focus on addressing systematic causes of homelessness in order to institute lasting, permanent change. The Coalition works with local officials, community groups, and individuals who have or are experiencing homelessness to prevent homelessness, fight for the rights of individuals experiencing homelessness, advocate for affordable housing and fight against the criminalization of the homelessness.


Current Campaigns


Commons on Alaska

An affordable housing project being developed in Avondale. The Commons on Alaska would feature 90 units of permanent supportive housing for individuals with disabilities.\caaCurrently, this housing is being disputed against by a group of Avondale residents who believe it will increase crime in their neighborhood. The Homeless Coalition understands that creating more affordable housing is one of the only ways to end homelessness on a systematic level, and supports the Commons on Alaska. For more information on the Commons on Alaska, please visit their website  and their FAQ page

For more information on how to get involved in supporting affordable housing contact

photoHuman Services

Human Services are programs provided by community organizations that aid low income individuals experiencing homelessness in Cincinnati. Throughout the last decade, the human services budget for the City of Cincinnati has been cut back. The Homeless Coalition advocates for the restoration 1.5% of the City’s operating budget towards health and human services. Currently it is .04% of the budget. For more information on how to get involved in the fight for human services contact

Homeless Congress

Even before we had an official Homeless Congress, the Coalition has encourage folks experiencing homelessness to speak out. 2008 Drop Inn Center Rally, 30 year anniversary of the midnight move.

2008 Drop Inn Center Rally, 30 year anniversary of the midnight move.

In 2010-2011 through the vision of the Coalition and the efforts of Riccardo Taylor, our former Civil Rights Outreach Coordinator, as well as committed fighters who are experiencing homelessness, we established Cincinnati’s first Homeless Congress.  This is a growing body of people experiencing homelessness or who have experienced homelessness in the past.  The Congress is in the process of creating avenues to include more voices of people experiencing homelessness, taking stances on issues and advocating and organizing for basic human rights.  Congress fought hard for replacement restrooms by Washington Park, organizing the support of area business.  The Congress has also took many trips to Columbus, Ohio to fight proposed law requiring one to show an ID to vote. Between 2011 and 2012 the Congress put much focus into recruitment and voter registration.  Voter registration drives were held in area shelters and eating places.  People who were already registered were encouraged to vote.  The Congress wants to see everyone who is experiencing homelessness, regardless of party, to vote.  Having a voice in the political realm is a part of ending homelessness. For more information call (513)421.7803

Peoples-LogoThe People’s Platform for Equality and Justice

Come join our working action group the People’s Platform for Equality and Justice!
Every Friday 12-1PM

Peaslee Neighborhood Center
215 E 14th St.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

Past advocacy initiatives:



Anna Louise Inn

City Gospel Mission



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