Director of Education


Director of Education will oversee the educational component of the Greater Cincinnati Homeless Coalition’s mission to educate the public at large about issues of poverty and homelessness and engage our community to become advocates in the fight to end homelessness.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Develop and maintain strong relationships with key community education partners and social service agencies including teachers, professors, civic leaders and service coordinators.

2. Connect with local social services to create service opportunities for students and others.

3. Stay abreast of local and national statistics and issues relating to homelessness and poverty. Facilitate dialogue about poverty, homelessness and social inequality.

4. Coordinate and oversee student volunteer groups.

5. Collaborate with Director of Development to integrate fundraising into every realistic educational event, including,but not limited to encouraging teachers, students, leaders, etc. to programs to raise funds for the Homeless Coalition.

6. Secure at least $5,000 in grants each year.

7. Collaborate with other staff to update the Affordable Housing Advocates (AHA) annual housing study as well as the Family Homelessness and Housing Stability Report.

8. In all programs broaden and grow reach and participation as well as increase follow-up leading to advocacy and action. Establish creative ways for people inspired by our programs to advocate, using strategic methods.

9. Manage and coordinate education and service programs :

a. Voice of the Homeless Speaker’s Bureau program (at least 125 Speaking Engagements per year)

i. Recruit new speakers; maintain positive relationship with current speakers.

ii. Market to schools and groups.

iii. Coordinate presentations at high schools, colleges, civic groups, etc.

iv. Attend speaking engagements with speakers, providing current statistics on homelessness and opportunities for advocacy.

v. Maintain records and manage financial documentation for this program.

b. Cincinnati Urban Experience

i. Market and Recruit groups to participate in service learning trips.

ii. Organize and plan all service, education, reflection and housing for trips.

iii. Work with groups to assist them in learning about the complexities homelessness and finding opportunities for advocacy.

iv. Maintain records and manage financial documentation for this program.

c. Shantytown and Homeless Awareness Month

i. Maintain and update Shantytown and Homeless Awareness Month Guide and Website.

ii. Coordinate with community partners and market to and recruit schools and groups.

iii. Maintain Records.

d. Walking Tour, Educational Lectures, Workshops and Activities

i. As needed, coordinate educational opportunities with groups interested in learning about homelessness and poverty.

ii. Facilitate walking tours, panels, discussions, lectures, activities, etc.

iii. Maintain Records and manage financial documentation for this.

10. Other duties as assigned.


1. Comfortable giving public presentations.

2. Ability to provide transportation for Speakers.

3. Experience working with homeless/social justice issues.

4. Good interpersonal skills, communicate with wide range of individuals.

5. Familiar with Microsoft Office and Excel.

Working Conditions

1. Supervised by Executive Director.

2. Ability to work in a busy work environment.

3. Flexible schedule; some work on nights and weekends.


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