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Voices: Speaker’s Bureau (Virtual and In-Person)

Melissa Mosby loves speaking to groups of all sizes.

Our Voices: Speaker’s Bureau is an essential part of our education program. Made up of individuals currently experiencing homelessness, or who have experienced homelessness, who share their stories, the program is designed to put a face on homelessness and raise awareness about those struggling in our community. One of our staff also attends speaking engagements to provide factual information to the public about homelessness locally and nationally.

Each year, our public education programs reach a large number of local and regional students and community members. We are the second largest speaker’s bureau in the country, second to the National Coalition in Washington D.C.

For more information about the Speaker’s Bureau or to make a payment for a speaking engagement with a credit card See Voice of the Homeless Speaker’s Bureau page. Cost: $100 for groups up to 150. Groups of 150 or more $150. Sign up today:

Social Justice Walking Tours (Virtual and In-Person)

The Coalition’s Social Justice Walking Tours focus on the historical and contemporary struggles and successes of the Over-the-Rhine Peoples’ Movement and neighboring communities. Tours take you through the streets, alleys, and parks of the city to clarify the meaning and direction of decades of neglect and today’s investment. Learn and see for yourself what gentrification looks like and how displacement affects community members. Depending on time constraints, you may visit a social service organization to see what their day-to-day operations look like. It’s a great way to learn about social service agencies in the neighborhood as well. Tours can be tailored to your group and typically last between 1 and 2 hours. More info below. Cost: $100/Group (max 20 in each in-person group, masked, socially distant). Sign up today:

Over-the-Rhine People’s Movement History Tour (Time: 2 hours. Distance: 1 mile)

Part 1: Introduction outside of the Homeless Coalition (30 minutes). Cincinnati history, including Native American history, colonial history, immigration history, and the influence of racism in housing (and many other aspects of life) in Cincinnati.Part 2: Making several walking stops throughout the neighborhood (90 minutes). Introduction to the Over-the-Rhine People’s Movement and visiting places and hearing stories about how people in the neighborhood have come together to ensure that people (who have been historically pushed from their homes), maintain their ability to stay in Over-the-Rhine, regardless of economic and social impacts. Also, this tour shows how Hostile Design is used and the impact of the loss of public space. Direct and indirect Gentrification are explained and seen through real-life examples. This tour ends at Washington Park.

Over-the-Rhine People’s Movement Today Tour (Time: 2 hours. Distance: 2 miles)

On this tour, we visit several sites to learn more about how housing and public space are being transformed, and the impact of local residents. Over-the-Rhine has lost thousands of housing units in just a few short years due to massive changes in investment (public and private) in housing and public space, such as parks. We learn about tenant organizing, the impact of nuisance property and housing codes, how non-profit organizations are changing within this landscape, what public-private partnerships do to the availability of affordable housing, and what development is happening around Findlay Market. We learn about, and see the impact of SIDs, TIFs, Tax Abatement, and other programs.

West End Today Tour (Time: 2 hours. Distance: 2 miles)
This is a newly developed tour that focuses on the impact of the FCC Cincinnati Stadium project in the West End neighborhood, adjacent to Over-the-Rhine. We see how the construction project has impacted the lives of individuals living in Over-the-Rhine and the West End. We visit locations where tenants organized to save their homes, including a 99 year-old woman who was bedridden and another family whose 15 year-old teen drew editorial cartoons depicting the City and the FCC Cincinnati organization pushing them from their homes. We learn about the structure and limitations of Community Benefits Agreements (CBAs) and the overall impact of this project on both neighborhoods.

Complete list of tours and options:

The Cincinnati Urban Experience (CUE) Alternative Break

CUE is designed to provide participants with a combined experience of meaningful service and social justice education that will motivate them to become active in the fight to end poverty and homelessness.

Southern New Hampshire University helps clean the streets with the Future Leaders of Over-the-Rhine

CUE is part of growing movement of alternative break programs around the country. We offer a way for high school and college students to get involved and delve into serious issues such as gentrification, economic disparity and the importance of political advocacy.

The Greater Cincinnati Homeless Coalition arranges for service opportunities at many of its 65+ member agencies. Time during CUE is spent volunteering at local homeless shelters, soup kitchens, and other agencies that provide services for Cincinnatian’s experiencing homelessness. The Coalition provides educational activities so participants can learn about the root causes of homelessness and poverty. All participants will have the opportunity to hear from speakers, participate in team building activities, and reflect on how they can get involved in dispelling myths and creating empathy rather than apathy.

University of Vermont students help prepare bagged lunches at St. Francis St. Joseph Catholic Worker House

Groups live in Over the Rhine while here and stay from 3-7 days. Since the program first began in 2008, the Coalition has hosted more than 80 groups from around the country.

For additional information, including registration information, please visit the CUE page.

Streetvibes Shadow Activity

Have you ever wanted to know what it’s like to distribute

Streetvibes newspapers? Hear the experiences of living on the street trying to find a way to make money for food from a veteran Distributor.

Local Students participate in a Streetvibes Shadow Activity

Find out about Cincinnati’s anti-solicitation laws and how they affect panhandling in the city. Once you know the rules, you will hit the streets and see how many papers you can distribute. This is a great character building exercise for teens and young adults. Once all the papers are sold, we’ll come together and discuss our experiences. Cost: $100/Groups up to 15. Sign up today:

Activities and Training (Virtual and In-Person)

The Coalition also offers specialized training for schools, businesses and religious or community groups. We can facilitate tested activities for students or create a corporate training for the workplace. Are you having issues around empathy and inclusion but you aren’t sure how to manage them? Just let us know what issues are you having, or the topic of your staff development, and we will provide a comprehensive plan and training. We have developed specific training opportunities on Homelessness, Affordable Housing, Housing Protections, Housing Production, and Medical Care and Homelessness.

Learn more about our training opportunities:

Training cost varies, but generally start at $150, however, we will work with you to make it affordable. Sign up today:

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Cue Collage

Terms of Service: All participants, unless prior notification is given, give the Greater Cincinnati Homeless Coalition, Coalition member organizations, and community partners, the absolute and irrevocable rights to use my name, quotes and/photos and images on the Internet, in print publications, video and multimedia presentations, and/or for any purpose which may include, but not limited to display, public relations, marketing, or designs. I hereby waive the right to inspect or approve the images prior to any form of usage. I understand that the images may be modified to be used as design elements. I am releasing all rights to any images/quotes. Furthermore, I release the Homeless Coalition, member organizations, community partners, employees, or volunteers of any liability.


We live in a culture where the term “Homeless” has a negative perception while stereotypes and myths feed into a culture of fear and hate in our communities. In partnership with Affordable Housing Advocates (AHA) the Coalition’s education programs are designed to breakdown these stereotypes and eradicate this misinformation. Our education and service programs portray a more accurate and holistic picture of homelessness in Cincinnati. We believe an educated public is a compassionate public willing to dedicate time and effort towards creating solutions to homelessness.

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